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The Relationship Spread (7 Card) – Tarot Card Spreads

This is one of the tarot card spreads that is very informative on a wide range of relationship types, not just romantic. We are looking at different aspects of you as individuals and together. We are opening a deeper understanding … Continue reading


The Choices Spread (7 Card) – Tarot Card Spreads

One of the most useful tarot card spreads for me is the Choices Spread. We are looking for an answer on which direction would be best to take. This spread is designed to give you potential outcomes in a chronological … Continue reading


Elemental Daily Spread (4 Card) – Tarot Card Spreads

  Of all the tarot card spreads, this one, that I built myself, is fairly easy to follow. It works based on the relationship or permutations of the elements. It’s a snap shot of the energy that surrounds and influences … Continue reading