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This is one of the tarot card spreads that is very informative on a wide range of relationship types, not just romantic. We are looking at different aspects of you as individuals and together. We are opening a deeper understanding of energies that express the quality and depth of your relationship.

We first take a look at THEIR UNIQUE QUALITIES (Position 1) or main elemental energy. It is the type of person they are as an individual. It is the unique energy in which they currently operate in the outer world.

Next we examine YOUR UNIQUE QUALITIES (Position 2) or how you express yourself to the outer world. It is how the other person see you. It is the who, what, where, why and how of you at your very core being, right now, at this moment.

Now we look at the CONNECTION (Position 3) that brings you together (or sets you apart). This card is the key to the structure of the spread. It is the center point on which the rest of the spread is built. In this card, we see interaction between qualities of each individual but also how it relates to commonality and mutual aspiration.

The COMMON BASE (Position 4) or shared commonalities between you is our next step. Simply put, it is what you have in common or the building blocks of the relationship. It is the things we share like activities, hobbies, career, music, or even philosophical views. When we can see what we have in common, we have something in which we can build.

Then we must delve into THEIR BACKGROUND (Position 5). What is their history? What influences their energy in the relationship? Does it move the relationship forward or backward? Are they carrying any kind of past baggage into the relationship? This card may represent an aspect they choose not to show to the world or may not even be aware of.

Having looked at the other person, now we must examine YOUR BACKGROUND (Position 6). What are you doing to develop or disolve the relationship? What past events or personalities influence your energy in the relationship? Do you have unresolved baggage that you are dragging into this relationship? This is an aspect of you that you may not be aware of or keep to yourself.

Finally, we look at your MUTUAL GOALS (Position 7). This is what you aspire to be, together, that you could not be alone. How does this energy influence to the connection between you? How does this relate to the qualities of each individual? This card is the highest aspect that you can achieve together.

Gaining vital knowledge and a new perspective about a relationship in such an indepth manner like this spread, allows you to operate more freely within the boundaries of that relationship due to your greater understanding. It is important not only to look into their past but to examine your own history and style in order to gain this understanding. We can see ourselves as individuals and as a community.

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3 Responses to The Relationship Spread (7 Card) – Tarot Card Spreads

  1. Felton Mikhail says:

    I tried this relationship spread for a new relationship, a girl I met and I was amazed how much I was able to see. Now I know how to approach the relationship. Thank you!

  2. Definitely like this spread! I will be back for more. Thanks. BTW, thanks for the skype reading yesterday. It was really helpful. I now know what I need to do. Next time I plan to get a longer reading, 40 minutes wasn’t nearly enough! Thanks again.

  3. A very cool easy to use spread. I like it. I used this spread for a new business relationship, actually a possible partnership. The spread showed me the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. It certainly made it things much clearer at the bargaining table. Thanks for sharing!